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Webster Cottage
Webster Cottage
Webster Cottage
Webster Cottage

Award of Merit

Webster Cottage
Dunnottar, Manitoba

Category: Small Projects
Architect: 5468796 Architecture Inc.
Owner/Client: Webster Family
Structural Engineer: Hanuschak Consultants Inc.
Mechanical Engineer: n/a
Electrical Engineer: n/a
Contractor: Davis Loeppky Builders

The Project

Located adjacent to Lake Winnipeg in Dunnottar, Manitoba, Webster Cottage is a 4-season cottage which occupies a 50' x 140' lot within 150 feet of the shoreline. The client's required program is contained within a long, linear volume that folds onto itself as a means to open views, define private exterior space, capture sunlight and weave around existing trees. Intended for use in all seasons, the building contracts to conserve energy during the coldest winter months, giving way to both, a main, insulated cottage and a series of un-insulated spaces, as well as a screened porch and open-air covered decks. A raised walkway links these spaces on the ground, while a single blanketing roof unifies the main programmatic elements as one cottage.

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