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SAIT Polytechnic Parking Garage
SAIT Polytechnic Parking Garage
SAIT Polytechnic Parking Garage
SAIT Polytechnic Parking Garage

Award of Excellence

SAIT Polytechnic
Parking Garage
Calgary, Alberta

Category: Recent Work
Architect: Bing Thom Architects with
Marshall Tittemore Architects
Owner/Client: SAIT Polytechnic
Structural Engineer: Fast + Epp
Mechanical Engineer: AECOM Canada Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Crossey Engineering Ltd.
Contractor: PCL Construction Management Inc.

The Project

Preserving a critical viewscape between the historic campus and downtown Calgary, SAIT Polytechnic's new three-level parkade is nestled into an existing hillside creating a green roof playing field and leaving only two sides of the structure visible. Theses exposed sides are clad in semi-perforated metal screens called Ombrae which allows natural light and ventilation into the interior of the parkade while simultaneously creating giant exterior art piece. Combining both art and utility, the screens catch and interact with sunlight to depict a moving cloud filled sky while successful camouflaging the parkade from the surrounding community.

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